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No Passport Required: 7 Exotic U.S. Getaways

exotic places to travel without a passport

Exotic travel is often at the top of our travel bucket lists, but most tropical beaches and islands are far away, difficult to reach, and require a passport to visit. However, we’ve discovered seven nearby exotic places to travel without a passport. Discover your next weekend getaway below.


1. Navio Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico. The best exotic vacations start with hassle-free travel, and getting to Puerto Rico is a breeze. The island of Puerto Rico has a strong Spanish influence and is officially an unincorporated territory of the United States. With white sandy beaches, hidden caves, and warm, blue waters, Navio Beach has long been a popular hot spot for U.S. travelers and one of the favorite exotic places to travel from the contiguous 48 states. For more than half of the residents in the United States, it’s a four-hour flight or less.


exotic places to travel without a passport navio beach

2. Trunk Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
. Each island in the chain of U.S. Virgin Islands has a unique attraction, and St. John, with legendary diving and national parkland, will charm any exotic-seeking traveler. Trunk Bay, accessible via a three-hour flight from Miami, is part of the Virgin Islands National Park and offers visitors beautiful, pristine beaches, and warm, temperate waters. With a 225-yard-long underwater snorkeling trail, Trunk Bay is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

exotic places to travel without a passport st. john's


3. Magens Bay, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Magens Bay is a beautiful one-mile white sand beach on St. Thomas. Funds from the entry fees maintain the beach and surrounding facilities, including bath houses, five acres of coconut groves, a six-acre arboretum, and 15 acres of wetlands and mangroves. The bay deepens gradually from the shore, creating a perfect spot to bring young children. The three-hour flight from Miami makes Magens Bay an exotic vacation suitable for the entire family.

magens beach st. thomas

4. Miami Beach, Florida.
Miami Beach is a coastal resort city located on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s known for its nightlife, diverse restaurants and tropical climate. Palm trees lining the streets sway in the ocean breeze, the scent of orange blossoms fill the air, and pristine beaches sparkle in the sun. While there you’ll enjoy kayaking, deep sea fishing, and snorkeling, all within a three-hour plane ride from New England. The Nomaterra Miami Orange Blossom scent will remind you of Miami Beach long after your vacation comes to a close.

miami beach ocean drive

5. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.
Clear skies, year-round summer, and horseback riding directly into the emerald ocean waters near centuries-old sugar mills are just a few of the things that await you in St. Croix. Head to the Danish-styled 18th century town of Christiansted for an unparalleled shopping experience, take in the endless natural wonders the island has to offer, or relax on the laid-back beaches. Exotic vacation seekers can hike to the Annaly Bay tide pools and explore the tropical rainforest in Frederiksted, all without a passport and just three hours from Miami.

exotic places to travel without a passport croix beach

6. Oahu, Hawaii.
Hawaii is a popular choice for a tropical getaway with the never-ending supply of lush greens, beautiful waterfalls, and immaculate white sand beaches. Of all the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu is a passionately exotic island commonly referred as the gathering place. It is a perfect representation of paradise, offering top-notch water sports and activities, volcanic landscapes, vibrant culture, and a range of fantastic lodging options with premier ocean-front locations. You can reach this exotic paradise in under six hours from the West Coast. The Nomaterra Oahu Gardenia scent is inspired by the island’s beach breezes, jasmine, Gardenia mannii, and just a hint of warming vanilla.


oahu beach


7. San Juan, Puerto Rico. San Juan is a tropical metropolis and Puerto Rico’s energetic social and cultural center. It is also home to the historic Old San Juan district, where you’ll find cobblestone streets constructed 500 years ago and old-world elegance featuring pastel-colored buildings and centuries-old forts. This metropolis of the Caribbean includes lakefront villas in sub-districts and ocean-front hotels along stretches of glistening beaches in the heart of 21st-century San Juan. This getaway is only four hours from New York City and five hours from Dallas – no passport required! 


san juan beach

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Tell us your favorite exotic places to travel without a passport below! 

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