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10 Must-Have Travel Essentials for Your Next Weekend Getaway

Whether you’re all about a beach getaway or holding out until Fall to take that foliage road trip, that extensive packing list can be daunting. We’ve rounded up the perfect 10 must-have travel essentials that maximize style and minimize excess, and can comfortably go with you on any weekend getaway. Bonus: all of these jet-set items come from #girlboss start-up brands. 

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Streamline your morning routine with these travel Beauty essentials 


travel beauty essentials, beauty products for travel



    1. Wander Beauty On-The-Glow Bronzer & Illuminator, $45, 

bronzer illuminator, bronzer, face highlighter


It’s so easy to overload your cosmetics bag with makeup. You can leave all those brushes and palettes at home with this multitasking bronzer and illuminator in one that gives you a sun-kissed glow in seconds. Not sure where to apply? The brand provides an easy-to-follow face chart on model-turned-beauty-entrepreneur, Lindsay Ellingson’s face.


    2. Hudson Bleecker Je T’aime Voyager Toiletry Bag, $88, Pochette, $42,

Toiletry bag, beige cosmetic bag


Chic, sophisticated, and functional, this toiletry bag is cute enough to double as a handbag. The inner, waterproof compartments are removable in case you want to bring along some full-size toiletries. Bonus: This comes in a number of different styles and colors named after famous destinations—find one to perfectly match your next trip.


    3. Nomaterra Roll-On Perfume Oil, $55,


roll on perfume, perfume oil


Pop this into your Hudson & Bleecker pochette for scented touch-ups throughout your trip. Choose from 10 different destination-inspired scents that range from tropical to spicy. Want a different scent for daytime exploring vs. a night out? These 10ml rollers are small enough that you can grab a couple for different occasions. Tip: Blend them together to get a third, completely new scent. Bonus: TSA-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan.

Tweet: Tip: Blend your two Nomaterra roll-on scents together to get a third, completely new scent.



4. Mun No. 1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum, $95,


Face serum, serum bottle


Loaded with clinically proven natural and organic ingredients such as prickly pear seed oil and argan oil that reduce the appearance of fine lines, prevents premature wrinkle formation, and brighten under-eye circles, this oil doubles as a serum and moisturizer in one for both day and night. This is the only skincare travel essential you’ll need (besides sunblock!) for a low-maintenance getaway. Bonus: sustainably sourced and vegan. 


The dress that you can wear from the beach to dinner


dress for travel, travel dress, travel outfit


     5. Encircled Adiona Maxi Dress, $168,


maxi dress, black dress, long black dress


We’re obsessed with this ultra-versatile maxi dress in black. It’s designed to be shorter in the front than the back to prevent maxi-dress-tripping, has bra strap keepers that snap your bra straps in place, and is top lined with mesh to minimize sweating during hot summer days. Oh, did we mention it has pockets? Our founder, Aggie, wore it to an afternoon formal affair with a cardigan and then right after at the beach with sandals, without having to change outfits.


Travel accessories that maximize comfort and style


travel accessories, accessory essentials for travel


    6. AllSwell Notebook No. 3, $21,


travel journal, travel essential


While photographs are great for recalling memories of gorgeous landscapes and fun times with friends, jotting down the little details, the way certain experiences make you feel, and in-the-moment thoughts will make your trip that much more special when you recall it. It’s a known fact that putting pen to paper increases memory recall. We love these AllSwell journals for both drawing and writing, and they come in fun, island-inspired covers.


    7. Kalaki Riot Tad Feather Necklace, $145, Remi Tapered Cuff, $215, Nenita Double Trail Cuff, $135, Arlena Triangle Cuff, $135, Nenita Single Trail Cuff, $135,

travel inspired jewelry, travel bracelet, travel jewelry

Tie your vacation outfit together with a statement gold necklace and bracelet from this island-inspired, NYC-based brand. The natural and balanced vibe of each piece is intentional—Kalaki Riot is all about inspiring a balance between the urban and island lifestyle, so that when you return from your trip, your pendant or bracelet is a reminder to keep your cool during your daily hustle. Bonus: Each piece is handmade in NYC from reclaimed metals.


    8. Caeden Linea No. 10 Wireless On Ear in Carbon/Gunmetal, $199.99, 

Black headphones, travel headphones, wireless headphones


Baby on-board your flight? An obnoxious cell-phone talker on the quiet car of the train? No matter where you’re headed, headphones are a must-have travel essential. We’ve tested this set on a few recent trips, and we’re impressed with their deep and well-rounded sound, the wireless functionality, and most importantly, the noise isolation. This gunmetal pair is sleek and sophisticated. Bonus: the leather on these is vegan.


    9. Spinoza Eyewear, $245, 

red sunglasses, sunglassesA pair of sunglasses are a travel essential no matter the weather. Notorious for their medical grade plastic that’s futuristically light and flexible, a pair from Spinoza is the ideal add-on accessory when packing light. This pair launches in Fall 2016, and the first customer to purchase it gets the style named after them. 

The Gear


    10. Away The Carry-On, $225, 

suitcase, carry-on, luggage, travel gear


After wheeling this around from one place to another over the course of a long weekend, we can’t imagine using anything else. Finally, a suitcase that has all the right compartments to hold your small and large items in, and it’s so lightweight, you don’t have to worry about finding an elevator or asking someone to help you with your luggage. Bonus: If you’re always at 1% battery when you’re arriving to a new destination, you’ll be thrilled to know this suitcase has USB charging—no more excuses.

Traveling light and carefree while looking stylish doesn’t have to be just a dream when you pack with these travel essentials. Enter our “Travel Essentials” sweepstakes to WIN these products, valued at over $1000, here!  

Tell us in the comments below, what do you love to travel with or what can you not travel without? 


  • Katie Kloberdanz

    Ok, I entered the giveaway and said I was most excited for Mun because I’m obsessed with skincare, but really it’s just too hard to choose! I cant’ wait to smell your fragrances, and I really love all the Kalaki Riot pieces and the Encircled maxi. This is a really great list, well done!

    August 30, 2016 at 10:09 pm Reply
  • Tatiana Swanson

    I entered and can’t believe you are giving all this amazing stuff away! My husband and I travel alot and I am always looking for a way to decrease the weight of our suitcases.

    September 3, 2016 at 6:09 pm Reply
  • Deborah Ferguson Stuart

    We travel to visit family on a regular basis and these items are so fabulous! I absolutely love the fabric that Encircled uses in their products and those Caeden earphones look like just what I need when the kids get a little…boisterous.
    Thanks so much for the great ideas.

    September 4, 2016 at 6:00 pm Reply
  • Melissa Griffith

    I travel very light with only a backpack. In most cases people bring twice the stuff they do not need. Yet carrying it from place to place. Forget the iron & almost everything else. You are on vacation! The one item I cannot live without is a brush. Happy traveling!

    September 5, 2016 at 12:22 am Reply
  • julie nish

    oh my goodness, the Encircled maxi dress -one could wear this anywhere, anytime,. And would look great with a Kalaki wrist cuff. Everything looks UH-Mazing how would one choose?

    September 6, 2016 at 4:22 am Reply

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